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Packing Materials

We understand that packing your items securely is crucial for ensuring their safe transit. We want to make sure your bottles arrive in perfect condition, so we're here to help!

If you don't have suitable packing materials, we offer bespoke packing materials that include: High-grade cardboard boxes and essential wrapping materials tailored to your items. By utilising our packing materials, you can rest assured that your bottles will be protected as safely as possible.

Select the number of bottles you need packaging for from the list below. Please note: 1 standard bottle is classed as: Height 31cm x Width 10cm x Depth 10cm. If your item exceed these dimensions, please calculate them as 2 standard bottles to ensure a proper fit.

Our largest boxes can safely carry 9 standard bottles. For more than 9 bottles or awkward-sized bottles, we will send you multiple boxes. If you have any questions or unsure which option to select, we recommend laying out all your bottles (in their presentation boxes) and sending an image to auctions@whisky-online.com for a member of our team to review and recommend which option to choose.


All prices for packing materials include delivery & VAT. If you mistakenly add more items to your cart than you require, please contact us.

How to prepare your items

1. Fill all voids
Ensure there's no movement within the presentation boxes by filling all empty spaces. Gently shake the box to check for movement and add more packing material until it's secure.

2. Wrap each bottle
Use the provided bubble wrap (or alternative) to wrap each bottle individually. Use minimal tape to secure the bubble wrap, as excessive tape prevents recycling.

3. Stand bottles upright: 
All bottles MUST be placed in the box upright, not on their side.

4. Add a layer of chips
We will provide loose chips or the equivalent. Place a small layer in the bottom of the box before adding your bottles. Add another layer on top ensuring you fill any voids between each bottlle and the sidewall of the carboard box.

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